Are you a Los Angeles resident and want to get to know your local city government? Are you interested in getting involved with the municipal elections in 2013? Do you want to get to know your Los Angeles City Council members?
The Thai Community Development Center is announcing the launch of the Advocating Change Today Internship and Outreach Network (ACTION) Program. We are recruiting Thai-American students to work with our Civic Engagement Team. ACTION is a campaign effort to involve Thai-American students in the Los Angeles City elections process. The Civic Engagement Internship is for Thai-American students currently enrolled in a two- or four-year college. The program will start at the beginning of January 2013 and end in May after the conclusion of the general elections. Selected participants will be invited to a dinner and a tour of Los Angeles City Hall upon completion of the program, as well as be awarded with a proclamation certificate by their LA City Council member at LA City Council Chambers. No prior experience or exposure to city government is necessary. Thai-American students interested in learning about civics and voter registration are welcomed to apply. Please check out the applications for more information:

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