Volunteering Opportunities

Become a volunteer and support the work of Thai CDC.

Help us benefit the people and community we serve. Gain new skills while learning how a nonprofit functions. Provide critical support to the organization by performing tasks and duties that make a difference in the day to day lives of people in need. You can help us make our vision of a healthy, equitable community a reality. Apply here:






dsc6021-177x142Marketing and Fundraising

Thai CDC’s Public Relations and Marketing Team work on expanding Thai CDC’s visibility. Work with our team to develop marketing materials to publicize our events and services or help build our social media presence online to help attract new visitors to our website. Learn skills in fundraising, grant research, event planning, donor solicitations, and drafting periodical newsletters.



human-rights-advocacy-11-150x150Human Rights Advocacy

Thai CDC’s Slavery Eradication and Rights Initiative (SERI) Project assists Thai human trafficking victims. Advocate for human rights and join our campaign to end modern-day slavery. Our ultimate goal is to make survivors of human trafficking whole persons again with the will and self-determination to pursue justice and to live independent and productive lives.




family-and-children-services-2-copy-150x134Family and Children Services

Thai CDC partners with the Youth Policy Institute to operate the Hollywood Family Source Center (HFSC). This offsite service provides linguistically and culturally competent wrap around social and human services to low-income Thai individuals and families. Assist Thai CDC in providing access to critical social and human services.
Volunteer for the Promise Neighborhood program to break the cycle of generational poverty and provide children with a path to success through health, social, and educational support.


community-asset-building-2-150x94Community Asset Building

Thai CDC provides affordable housing through its development of the Palm Village Senior Housing which offers 60 units of affordable housing to low income seniors and the historic rehabilitation of the Halifax Apartments which offers 46 units of affordable housing to low income individuals and families. Participate in a working group to support the production, preservation and management of affordable housing for low-income individuals, families and seniors.


dsc0079-150x150Foreclosure Intervention

Thai CDC offers one-on-one foreclosure intervention counseling service and workshops for homeowners. Assist housing counselors with administrative duties and obtain valuable knowledge on the US credit system, current housing market, mortgage crisis, pre-purchase, rental counseling, and budgeting.



social-enterprise-1-150x79Social Enterprise

By creating a self-sustaining business incubator in a public market setting, Thai CDC’s development of the Thai Town Marketplace creates small business opportunities for
entrepreneurs by offering a low-cost entry for new business start ups. This 1.6 million dollar project is designed to help over 18 entrepreneurs start the path towards self sufficiency. Assist in the development of Thai Town by utilizing cultural tourism as a vehicle for economic revitalization.


east-hollywood-certified-farmers-market-22-150x150East Hollywood Certified Farmers’ Market

The East Hollywood Certified Farmers’ Market (EHCFM) located on Hollywood Blvd. and Western Ave. above the Metro Red Line station improves access to locally grown, and affordable produce for an ethnically diverse community. By encouraging healthy behaviors among low-income and vulnerable populations in the underserved neighborhood of East Hollywood, the EHCFM encourages food justice. Increase awareness and access to local food programs and products that enable families to live healthier lives by volunteering for the farmers’ market.



dsc1288-150x150Micro/ Small Business Development

Thai CDC offers business start-up & development assistance as another means of helping economically disadvantaged individuals become economically self-sufficient. Work with the Small Business Counselor to help organize and plan various workshops for small business owners and entrepreneurs.



neighborhood-change-initiative-21-150x150Neighborhood Change Initiative

Thai CDC engages community members in civics and campaigns that demand fair and equitable development. The 2010 Census drive insured a complete count of all Thais resulting in Thai language voting ballots and materials in the State of California. Gain hands-on experience by engaging and outreaching to local residents and small businesses. By building the capacity of the local community, individuals can take ownership of the development process and exercise their right to the City.



east-hollywood-consumer-resource-and-health-fair-11-150x150East Hollywood Consumer Resource & Health Fair

The Consumer Resource and Health Fair aims to improve the quality of life for East Hollywood residents by creating opportunities for improved health, jobs and recreation. Volunteering for this event increases access to healthcare and critical and valuable information for East Hollywood residents.




dsc6356-150x111Cultural Tourism & Placemaking

Through an economic development strategy based on cultural tourism, Thai CDC created Thai Town (a portion of East Hollywood that had suffered from neglect and blight). In an effort to create a unique identity and cultural destination for East Hollywood that promotes economic vitality through heritage marketing, cultural amenities, and neighborhood beautification, Thai CDC built the Thai Town Angel Apsonsi Gateway Project and the Thai Town Kinarra Lamppost Project. Both projects use Thai mythological figures to beautify and enhance Thai Town. The Kinarra Lamppost Project aims to expand the number of lampposts along Hollywood Blvd. so that eventually the lampposts connect the Apsonsi Eastern and Western Gateways. By creating a unique, unifying identity which draws upon Thai heritage, the nation’s only Thai Town offers its residents and visitors an opportunity to enjoy Thai culture while growing local businesses. Help complete our sponsorship and plaque placements or become involved in the “Adopt a Tree” program, a campaign to plant and maintain more trees in Thai Town. Join the Thai Town clean-up initiative to beautify Thai Town and increase its appeal to local and non-local visitors and tourists.



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