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The East Hollywood Certified Farmers’ Market (EHCFM) was created by Thai CDC to improve access to fresh fruit and vegetables in Thai Town/East Hollywood. It is located on the corner of Hollywood and Western, above the Hollywood/Western Red Line Metro Stop. The market is open every Monday and Thursday from 3:30pm to 7:30pm, except for rainy days and holidays.This market takes EBT, WIC, FMNP, S-FMNP, and WIC checks.

The EHCFM is a Certified market, meaning that farmers can only sell produce they’ve personally grown. That’s why the market doesn’t have any prepared food, only healthy fruit and vegetables. We believe in building connections between local farms and local residents and we do this by bringing the farmers to you.

The Thai Community Development Center welcomes new vendors, performers, non-profit, or public service participants, as well as volunteers! Please download the applications below:

Performer Application Download

Interested volunteers should contact audrey@thaicdc.org to learn more about the volunteer program.

If you want to find out about our schedule or any of our programs, like us on Facebook, review us on Yelp or simply follow us on Twitter or Instagram!


Market Programs

Market Match

Any five dollars of EBT spent are matched with five extra market dollars. This match continues up to ten dollars. These market dollars are completely free and can only be spent at the market that day. For customers in the Women, Infants and Children program, or WIC, up to twenty dollars can be matched at the market.

Ask a Dietetic Intern

Once a month dietetic interns come to the market to answer all your nutrition questions!


We support our local musicians. Local bands play at the market at least once a month. Check our Facebook for scheduling. Applications to play are located below.

Summer Cooking Program

In summer, we offer a once-a-month summer cooking demonstration. Free recipes are given out afterwards.

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