Our Work

The mission of Thai CDC is “to advance the social and economic well-being of low and moderate income Thais and other ethnic communities in the greater Los Angeles area through a broad and comprehensive community development strategy including human rights advocacy, affordable housing, access to healthcare, promotion of small businesses, neighborhood empowerment, and social enterprises.  Thai CDC is continually engaged in the following activities:  

  • Community Asset Building through Affordable Housing Development, Job Creation, Social Enterprises and Micro Enterprises
  • Neighborhood Reinvestment, Community Beautification, and Placemaking Projects for Public Space Revitalization
  • Financial Literacy and Counseling for Low-Income Individuals and Small Businesses
  • Promotion of Small Businesses and Immigrant Entrepreneurship
  • Foreclosure and Home Ownership Counseling
  • Empowerment of Low-Income Individuals, Exploited Workers and Trafficked Victims
  • Culturally Sensitive Social Services Provision
  • Humane Immigration Policies and Human Rights Advocacy
  • Thai American Leadership Development and Civic Engagement
  • Promotion of Equitable and Sustainable Community Development in Low Income Minority Communities
  • Thai Town Development and Beautification
  • Cultural Tourism for Economic Development
  • Cultural Preservation and Heritage Marketing
  • Providing Access to Quality Low-Cost or Free Healthcare
  • Increasing Food Security and Access to Fresh, Affordable Produce through our farmers’ market



Since its establishment, Thai CDC has addressed the multifaceted needs of Thai and other disadvantaged immigrants faced with substandard housing conditions and lack of access to basic health services, education, economic opportunities and quality employment.