• Thai Town has an incredible opportunity to enhance its cultural tourism efforts. We encourage EVERYBODY, residents and visitors, to fill out our survey. It only takes a moment to complete. This survey is updated each year to collect your current input and feedback about Thai Town.
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Hollywood Small Business Survey

  • This survey is part of the Human Development Overlay District (HD-OD) Project in which Thai CDC is a partner that created the Hollywood Community Studio and provides valuable information about the business community’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses. The HD-OD team uses this information to inform business owners, developers, neighborhood councils, local representatives, and residents on how catalytic real estate development projects in the area affect Hollywood businesses for better or for worse.

Public Markets as Sites for Immigrant Entrepreneurship in East Hollywood (*), June 2007

  • This report examines seven public markets throughout the United States and the role they play in promoting immigrant entrepreneurship in an effort to make a case for such a market in East Hollywood Thai Town.

Healthcare on the Margins (), April 2004

  • This “White Paper” is a landmark study by Thai CDC on “The Precarious State of Physical Health for Thais in Thai Town.”

Barriers to Food Stamps for the Thai Community in Los Angeles County (), 2004 

  • This report examines the various barriers preventing eligible Thais from obtaining food stamps.

Surveying East Hollywood (), October 2002 

  • Declared a “blueprint” by former Councilmember Eric Garcetti for the East Hollywood business community, this report serves as a profile and needs assessment of the multi-ethnic East Hollywood business community and offers key recommendations for a more vibrant community.
  • Land Use Assessment of Thai Town*, 2001

    • This report provides an assessment of the different land uses in Thai Town back in 2001.

    Thai Town Area Agency Interview Report (), March 2001

    • This report provides a description of social and human services available in the Thai Town area.

    Thai Town Atlas and Community Analysis Research Project (), 2000

    • This report serves as an atlas and demographic analysis of Thai Town.

    Thai Town Survey*, 1992

    • This landmark study is the first needs assessment conducted of the Thai community in Los Angeles County identifying the community’s demographics, socio-economic characteristics, and social and human service needs, and explores whether the need for economic development can be achieved through the formal establishment of a Thai Town.

    *Please contact Thai CDC for a full report. All Rights Reserved.