Thai CDC Completes its Month Long Course Training Future Thai Entrepreneurs

The Thai Community Development Center successfully concluded its thirtieth Entrepreneurship Training Program Course that is designed to train future entrepreneurs on how to become prosperous business owners in the United States. Twenty-eight attendees traveled from all over Southern California to learn how to navigate the myriad of steps needed to start a business in the United States. Classes included courses in: creating a business plan, navigating small business tax, understanding federal and state labor laws, managing cash flow, working with commercial lease agreements, reading financial statements, applying for business permits and licenses, devising a marketing plan, gaining access to capital, understanding discrimination in the workplace and much more.

Although some students already owned their own business, they commented that they wish they had taken this course before starting their business since it provided them with a range of information in an easy to understand format. Some attendees were still in high school. Other students commented that after taking the Entrepreneurship Training Program Course, they realized that doing business requires more than just having a brilliant idea. It requires understanding correct practices in regards to labor laws, small business taxes, zoning, business permits and licenses. All of which the Thai Community Development Center offered insight into during the month long course that met every Saturday at 10 AM in June.
The Thai Community Development Center offers business start-up and development assistance as another means of helping economically disadvantaged individuals become economically self-sufficient . Classes are offered not only in entrepreneurship training but also in understanding the intricacies of opening an import/export business and a future program entitled, “Enterprise Zone Tax Incentive” which provides information on tax incentives that are offered to small businesses.

Anyone interested in attending one of the many business related workshops offered should contact Amy at 323 468-2555 or by email at

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